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Download and install Binaries

You can install on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS-X. The Linux and Windows 10 versions use a local server (CBserver). Older Windows and Mac OS-X versions use a public CBserver. To run the CBserver locally under Windows 10, you should first install the WSL Linux Sub-System. Otherwise, the Windows 10 version falls back to the public CBserver. You need a recent version of Java (Java 7 or later) to install and use the system! Install the 64bit variant of Java if your operating system runs in 64bit mode.

Latest stable version 8.0.16 from 2018-03-21

If the "Install" button is not activated, then Download/Select buttons are activated to download and select an installation archive. After download, you can continue with "Install".

If the above download link fails, then download CBinstaller.jar from the CB-Forum. Some behavioral anti-virus tools could block CBinstaller from installing on your computer. You need to temporarily disable these tools or install manually as described in the installation guide.


Linux, (Mac OS-X): Add the installation directory to your search path, e.g.

export CB_HOME=$HOME/conceptbase
These two lines should also be added to your init file of your Unix shell, e.g. .bashrc if you are using bash. Start the user interface CBIva via the command
in a command window. It connects automatically to a local or public CBserver. You can also start the CBserver in another command window via the command 'cbserver [options]'. If your prefer to do so, then execute the 'cbserver' command before the starting CBIva. Consult the user manual for instructions on how to interact with the system. The tutorial on metamodeling is a good starting exercise as well.

Windows: Under Windows, you can start CBIva by double-clicking the file cbiva.bat in the installation directory c:\conceptbase. You can also use a Windows command window to start it. You may want to copy a shortcut to cbiva.bat to your desktop.

Raspberry Pi 2/3 under Raspbian (experimental): runs fine on a Raspberry Pi 2 and Pi 3 under Raspbian. You can download a Raspbian image preloaded with from SourceForge. The README file contains instructions on creating an SD card from this image.

Configuring your desktop for

You can configure your desktop to support the file formats, in particular the graph file format '*.gel'. graph files store the graph diagrams including layout information and all Telos sources (object definitions) belonging to the graph. Whenever you start-up a graph file, it will connect either to a local or public CBserver to provide you with the query and update capabilities of the CBserver. See here for details.

Other downloads

Warning: Beware of third-party installers like install-conceptbase-cc.exe. They install unwanted toolbars and perhaps further adware on your computer. The same holds for so-called un-installers. You only need to remove the ConceptBase installation directory to un-install ConceptBase! This download site at, the alternative site at the CB-Forum, and the SourceForge site listed above are the only official sites for downloading -- Contact: M. Jeusfeld, University of Skövde, Sweden

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