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Associate Mime Type and Setting Program Icons

The clients (CBIva, CBGraph, CBShell) can be integrated into your desktop to allow starting them with a double-click. Further, the graph files (file type '*.gel') can be associated to the CBGraph client such that double-clicking on a graph file will start up the CBGraph client. Finally, CBGraph can be configured as the application to be started whenever a graph file is clicked in your web browser. We provide here instructions for Windows and for Ubuntu (should also work for Gnome). We assume Firefox as Web browser but other web browsers should also work. Please check into which directory you have installed Under Windows, this should be c:\conceptbase. Under Linux and Mac-OS, this is usually $HOME/conceptbase.

[All platforms] Associate CBGraph to graph files in your Web browser

A graph file (a.k.a. GEL file) stores a graph displaying some Telos model. The Telos models are included in the graph file as well and will be passed to the ConceptBase server (CBserver) when you open the GEL file with CBGraph. The subsequent instructions are for integrating into your desktop. This integration is not required to use the tools but makes their use more comfortable.

Configuring for Windows

The instructions below are for Windows 7. Other versions might differ slightly in the configuration.

[Windows] Associate CBGraph to graph files on your Windows desktop

[Windows] Set-up Shortcuts for CBIva and CBGraph on your Windows desktop

You can do the analogous steps with the file cbgraph.bat. Choose "cbgraph-logo.ico" as icon for the CBGraph shortcut.

[Windows] Set a dedicated icon for graph files on your Windows desktop

The following step is optional. It shall associate a dedicated icon to graph files on your Windows desktop and in the Windows Explorer.

Configuring for Ubuntu

The instructions below should also work for the Gnome desktop.

[Ubuntu] Set-up Shortcuts for CBIva and CBGraph for the Unity desktop

Open the installation directory in a file explorer (nautilus). Rightclick on the file 'cbiva.desktop'. Select 'Properties', then 'Permissions' and activate the tick box for the 'Allow executing file as program' flag. Do the same with 'cbgraph.desktop' You can then use these files to start 'cbiva' or 'cbgraph' by a double-click. You can also move these two files into the Ubuntu Unity starter dash, or to a suitable tab of the Lubuntu starter button, or to your desktop. Afterwards, log out and log in again to make the associations effective. The desktop files use the Gnome format. Hence, they should also work on other desktops based on Gnome.

We have no specific instructions for configuring the desktop of Mac OS-X for Note, that you can run all the tools also from the command line by switching to the installation directory and then calling the tool name (cbiva, cbgraph, cbshell). We provided no instructions to specify desktop icons for CBShell since CBShell should anyway be called from the command line.

[Ubuntu/Unix] Filetype completion for bash

If you are using bash as you main Linux/Unix shell, then you can tell it to auto-complete the '*.gel' file extension for the CBGraph program:
echo "#autocomplete for GEL filename extension" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "complete -f -X '!*.gel' cbgraph" >> ~/.bashrc -- Contact: M. Jeusfeld, University of Skövde, Sweden

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