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The ConceptBase Forum

The ConceptBase Forum (CB-Forum) is a workspace where ConceptBase users and developers share documents and software. The main sections are

Read-only access (no login required)

This path is accessible to anyone without need to register to the service. Note that the content is by default copyrighted by the respective author. All content is accessible but some navigation links will only work under shared access, i.e. after login.

Shared access (with login)

Users of ConceptBase can get full access (incl. write access) to the ConceptBase Forum. Just write an email application to manfred.jeusfeld(at)
As soon as we have processed your email application you can fully access the CB-Forum to share your documents/software with other ConceptBase users. -- Contact: M. Jeusfeld, University of Skövde, Sweden -- 2016-07-07

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