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Books and Manuals for ConceptBase

User manual and tutorials

The user manual is available both in HTML and PDF format. There are also two tutorials: the first one shows how to define classes, instances, queries, rules and constraints; the second tutorial focusses on metamodeling. User manual and tutorial are also included in the download file of ConceptBase.

Textbook "Metamodeling for Method Engineering"

This 400+ pages textbook is a guide to the foundations of method engineering, a developing field concerned with the definition of techniques for designing software systems. The approach is based on metamodeling, the construction of a model about a collection of other models. The book applies the metamodeling approach in five case studies, each describing a solution to a problem in a specific domain. Suitable for classroom use, the book is also useful as a reference for practitioners. The six case study chapters all use ConceptBase. You can download a free pre-print of book chapter 3 "Metamodeling and method engineering with ConceptBase".

Slides for a metamodeling course

These slides can be used for a course based on the above textbook, or for any course that introduces into metamodeling. The slides are made available both as PDF and ODF and are distributed under a Creative Commons License. Channel

This YouTube Channel features short videos from screen captures to highlight how certain tasks can be performed by the ConceptBase user interface.

Constraints between modelling perspectives

A tutorial held at the NEMO 2015 Summerschool on Next-Generation Enterprise Modeling. Slides are included under a Creative Commons License. Telos source models for 4EM, ArchiMate and process-modeling examples are included as well. They work with a recent ConceptBase system.

We are happy to learn about research/applications, in which plays a role. If you publish work that is based on, then please include one or both of the following references in your paper: -- Contact: M. Jeusfeld, University of Skövde, Sweden

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