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Dual Deep Instantiation and Its ConceptBase Implementation

December 2013, revised March 2014

This directory contains the ConceptBase files for the paper

This directory contains the ConceptBase/Telos sources models for the above paper. It is the implementation of our specification of dual deep instantiation (DDI). By making the source models publicly available we encourage you to investigate them and to adapt them to your needs! Dual deep instantiation is still an open research area and you are welcome to use our results as starting point. We believe that the implementation of the axiomatization greatly helps in finding shortcomings and errors. The source files *.sml.txt, *.cbs, and and *.gel in this directory and its subdirectories are published under the conditions of License-CC-BY-SA-30.txt.

See file DDI-TELOS-README.txt for detailed instructions. The complete directory can also be downloaded as

An alternative to DDI is the simpler DeepTelos definition, which addresses deep instantiation via so-called most-general instances rather than the numerical potencies in DDI. DeepTelos is like DDI implemented in ConceptBase.

Manfred Jeusfeld, Skövde, 2013-12-12 (2014-06-24)