User Manual
Version 8.0 1

Manfred A. Jeusfeld (ed.)

University of Skövde, 54128 Skövde, Sweden


Abstract. (in short ConceptBase) is a multi-user deductive object manager intended for conceptual modeling, metamodeling, and coordination in design environments. The system implements O-Telos, a dialect of Telos integrating deductive and object-oriented paradigms. It uniformly represents all information regardless of its abstraction level (data, class, meta class, meta meta class etc.) in a single data structure called P-facts. The deductive query language is seamlessly integrated into the meta class hierarchy. Modeling is supported by meta classing, deduction and integrity checking, active rule specification, functional definition of computation, a module concept, and a rollback mechanism for querying past database states. These principles are combined orthogonally, e.g. deductive rules can be restricted to modules, formulated for meta classes, employed in active rules using functional definitions to compute properties, and be revised without overwriting the earlier definitions. The Java-based user interface CBIva offers a palette of graphical interfaces, such as an Telos editor and a graph editor. The communication between the user clients and the object base is organized in a client-server architecture using TCP/IP. The Java-based command line interface CBShell allows for easy scripting of commands directed to a ConceptBase server. The CBShell source code can also be used as a programming interface to ConceptBase.

Contributions to this manual were made by: Manfred Jeusfeld, Martin Staudt, Hans Nissen, Christoph Quix, Lutz Bauer, Rainer Gallersdörfer, Michael Gebhardt, Matthias Jarke, Thomas List, René Soiron.

Contributions to the source code of ConceptBase were made by: Masoud Asady, Lutz Bauer (module system), Markus Baumeister, Ulrich Bonn, Stefan Eherer, Rainer Gallersdörfer (object store), Michael Gebhardt, Dagmar Genenger, Michael Gocek, Rainer Hermanns, Manfred Jeusfeld (CB server, logic foundation, function component), David Kensche, André Klemann, Eva Krüger (integrity component), Rainer Langohr, Farshad Lashgari, Tobias Latzke, Xiang Li, Yong Li, Thomas List (object store), Andreas Miethsam, Hans Nissen (module system), Martin Pöschmann, Christoph Quix (CB server, view component), Christoph Radig (object base interface), Achim Schlosser, Tobias Schöneberg, René Soiron (optimizer), Martin Staudt (CB server, query component), Kai von Thadden (query component), Hua Wang (answer formatting), Claudia Welter, Thomas Wenig, and others. If you ever contributed to the ConceptBase source code and you are not listed here, then give us a note!

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This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.